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The doors are open!

The doors between ECE 3 and 4 are open- and they are staying OPEN ALL YEAR!

In 2013, Mr Kingston and Miss Keys will be teaming up to create a mega classroom which will be home to ECE 3 & 4! We will be teaching Pre-Primary and Year 1.

We are thrilled to be continuing to work alongside two great Education Assistants- Mrs Lesleigh Stewart and Mrs Tanya Crick.

We also welcome Mrs Katherine Sanderson as our Special Needs Assistant.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. To follow us throughout the year , you can go to http://www.3ece4waggy.wordpress.com

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Santas Little Helpers!

ECE 3 are getting into the festive spirit and are counting down the days until Christmas. With only 3 weeks of school left, we have so many exciting things coming up!

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Lava Lamps!

If you were to have come into ECE3 and 4 on Monday, you may have thought we were starting our very own fish and chip shop!

However, we had the oil ready to make our lava lamps for ‘Mad Monday’s Science Lesson’. We had so much fun using water, oil, food colouring and a tablet to make our lava lamps.

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ECE3 have been exploring all things SPACE during the first four weeks of term. We have been having so much fun making astronauts, rockets, moons and stars. We have read The Jigaree and we also got to go outside and fire our own rockets, which was heaps of fun!

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Discovery learning

Discovery learning has started this term which gives the children control of their learning and allows them to research topics which interest them. Every afternoon students have the opportunity to work on their discovery projects. We are only two weeks in to term 4 and already seeing some fantastic projects in the making.

Here are what some of the children are doing for their first discovery project:

Mathew has been busy designing and now constructing a rocket.

Chelsy has been designing and making her own clothes for her doll.

Caleb has been busy researching crocodiles.

Rowan has been making a movie about cats.

Hope has been learning about basketball.

William has been researching and finding pictures on Australia.

Throughout the term we will be updating our blog about all the fantastic learning which is taking place during discovery time.

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Snow time!

The students of ECE3 could not believe their eyes this morning when Mr K brought out a big tub of SNOW!

‘Where did it come from?’ they all asked. It definitely didnt snow in Geraldton today and in fact it never snows here!

The children loved playing in the snow and making shapes and handprints!

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