Snow time!

The students of ECE3 could not believe their eyes this morning when Mr K brought out a big tub of SNOW!

‘Where did it come from?’ they all asked. It definitely didnt snow in Geraldton today and in fact it never snows here!

The children loved playing in the snow and making shapes and handprints!

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2 Responses to Snow time!

  1. Sue Ashworth says:

    I didn’t know that Mr Kingston went back to Tasmania to get some snow!! That was definitely a quick trip and I now know why Mr Kinston had the Air conditioner on-he had to stop the snow from melting and I thought that he was hot! I had a play with the snow and I think that I should bring my skis in and I could do so some skiing. I hope that your fingers and hands didn’t freeze!!!

    • ece3waggy says:

      You’re funny Ms Ashworth. It wasn’t cold. I hope you will bring your skis down and have a go on our snow. We hope you dont fall over though. From the children in ECE3.

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