Buddy class ECE3 and TA2

Buddy class blog- http://ta2waggy.wordpress.com/

Every wednesday afternoon our class and TA2 (year 6/7) meet to do a variety of activities. The younger students have been matched with an older student who takes care of them and supports them with their learning and development. We have done a range of activities including arts are crafts, science and technology, reading and sports and fitness. Below are some photos from our buddy sessions. Please click on them to make them larger.

What the students of ECE3 have to say about buddies:

Imogen- I enjoy doing drawings and skipping with my buddies.

Rowan- There are so many fun things to do with our buddies.

Trae- I enjoy learning how to kick the football.

Caleb- My buddies taught me how to use the hopscotch.


21 Responses to Buddy class ECE3 and TA2

  1. keeley says:

    i enjoy hanging out with my buddy heidi

  2. nathan says:

    we all have fun with you ece3 when ever we see you all

  3. tiana says:

    oh i loved it when we got to make newspaper towers with you it made it really fun!!!!!!

  4. Anahera says:

    my buddy chelsy is so outgoing and beautiful:)

  5. jake says:

    i enjoy playing with everyone in ece3

  6. Hayley says:

    i love teaching Rodney new things to focus on besides his school work but i hope i have Rodney forever!!!!!! 🙂

  7. Anahera says:

    I wish our buddy sessions could be a subject every day of the week aha they are all so adorable and bright!

  8. tia says:

    my buddy Kayden is so cute and fun he is the best I LOVE BUDDYS SO MUCH:)

  9. Hayley says:

    buddies are the best and we all love them because they are all so gorgeous and adorable so i cant help but laugh, play and love them!!!!!

  10. reilly says:

    buddies is one of the best bits of the day

  11. maiesha says:

    its so fun playing with buddies and teaching them how
    to play different games 😀

  12. reilly says:

    my buddy William is one of the funniest

  13. Maekayla says:

    The buddies are so adorable

  14. T1@/\/@ says:

    the BEST thing abou buddies is getting to teach them new things and getting to know all of them…
    and i also love it when the buddies come in our class room, and they try and find you and when they do, they come over to you and hug u and say ”i missed u” ,and u feel soooooo special. ;):)

  15. reilly murfit says:

    today was a good day with our buddies

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