Classroom photos

Literacy rich classroom

Term 3 classroom photos

At Waggrakine Primary, we realise the importance of providing a `literacy rich` classroom in the early years. Our classrooms are filled with visual displays, core words, writing, sentences and photos which enhance the learning environment. Every morning we do print walks where we walk around the room and read all the words which we can find. 

When students have been completing activities such as journal writing they have said that they were able to figure out the words or numbers by themselves by viewing the writing throughout the room.



8 Responses to Classroom photos

  1. maiesha says:

    Cool! you have such a colourful classroom
    and very nice art work 🙂

  2. tiana says:

    i love your classroom its so colourful :);)

  3. Ms Ashworth says:

    Your classroom is always so colourful and exciting. There is always so much to see and I always learn something when I visit your room!!

  4. oakley says:

    Yeah i visited the class today to take some things over and they have lots of activities and i love the classroom.

  5. Anahera says:

    i love how your class is so bright and colourful you’s are very lucky to have a great room and teachers

  6. cameron says:

    this is my brothers class!

  7. jake says:

    i love visiting your class. every time there is something diffrent 😀

  8. maiesha says:

    i love vistiting your class it is so colurful
    and bright and everyone is so happy 🙂

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