Science with ECE4

On Monday 22nd October the doors between ECE 3 and 4 were opened for the start of our mad monday science lessons! This week we used flour, water, salt and food colouring to create ‘puff paint’. The 2 classes worked so well with each other that Mr K and Miss Keys were very impressed. We are looking forward to a term filled with fun and exciting experiments!

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To celebrate the end of term and the end of our adventures around the world, ECE 3 had a pinata party! Wearing our mexican ponchos we took turns at hiting ‘Rosie’! It didnt take long before Rosie’s head snapped off and then we had to keep hitting her stomach for all the lollies to come out! It was very fun and exciting!

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Footy champions

Even though there are two days to go until the AFL grand final, the top 10 football champions from the ECE3 tipping has been decided. It was an all girl top 3 with Rowan coming 1st with a nice lead, followed by Hope and Rhiarna who were locked in a battle for 2nd and 3rd the last few weeks. Also making the top 10 were Rodney, Mathew, William, Daniel, Emelie, Alyssa and Kayden.

Well done guys!

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Making music!

We have been busy making our very own maraca musical instruments as part of our Mexican leg of our trip around the world. We used plastic bottles and filled them with rice. We then put coloured tape around the outside and put our initials on the middle using stickers.

We played some music altogether, seeing how many different sounds and patterns we could make!

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ECE 2 & ECE 3 combine for an afternoon of arts, crafts and games!

On Tuesday, both ECE2 and ECE3 joined forces for a series of rotational activities. Several stations were set up in both classrooms and outdoors and students spent 15-20mins in each area. We had a giant tub of slime which proved to be quite popular! We also had paper plane making, chalk drawings, sandcastle building, frogs in a cup craft and the crocodile pond obstacle course!

To conclude the day we had a competition with our paper planes and Trae won all THREE TIMES! An enjoyable day was had by all.

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Farm animal visit

On Tuesday 18th September we had a collection of animals who visited our school for the baby animal incursion. We got to see rabbits, cows, chickens, sheep, dogs, guinea pigs, goats and several other animals. We got to feed them and care for them which the children enjoyed! Some of us stepped in the poo or got weed on which we thought was quite gross!

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Ruthie the orangutan

Ruthie the orangutan has been very busy spending nights with the children of ECE 3. She has been doing lots of exciting things at each and every home! She has been climbing trees, cooking, playing basketball, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, going to the circus and eating bananas!

We enjoy reading the stories about Ruthies adventures and look forward to hearing about more nights with different children.


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